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Experienced Family Law Counsel

Family law generates many challenges. From divorce issues centering on property division and the details of a child custody arrangement and parenting plan, to sensitive matters of guardianship or domestic violence, you need experienced legal guidance. This is where Consumer Guardian Law can help.

Working With A Broad Range Of Family Law Issues

I’m Jack Barrett. During my legal career of more than 15 years, I have learned that my true calling lay in helping people. To that end, I assist California clients with the full spectrum of issues that relate to family law.

You may need legal advice for some or all of the following topics. I know these issues focus on incredibly personal and sensitive issues; the amount of time you spend with your children, whether you will have enough money to live on, how to deal with violence in the home.

I provide experienced legal guidance and help you make informed decisions to improve your future. Some of the matters I handle include:

  • Divorce: Ending your marriage while protecting your best interests
  • Asset division: Dividing your assets according to community property laws
  • Spousal support: Determining a support amount that protects your finances
  • Custody and visitation: Doing what is best for your children when it comes to custody
  • Guardianships: Caring for someone who can no longer care for themselves
  • Restraining orders: Protecting your safety from someone who threatens it

Legal Guidance Beyond Family Law

I have worked with many clients, and I understand how difficult it can be to go through a family law challenge. At every step of your case, I will provide the guidance that you need. Because I also handle several other legal areas, I can represent you if your problem overlaps with bankruptcy, business law and more.

Integrity – Empathy – Compassion

For me, outstanding legal service is always my goal. But I also treat you with the respect that I would ask for if I were working with a family law attorney. You can expect a compassionate and empathetic ear as we discuss your situation. As we work together, I will handle your case with the integrity that it deserves.

Reach Out For Legal Help

At Consumer Guardian Law, I can help you move forward from your family issue. Help is within reach. Contact my law firm in San Diego to schedule an initial consultation. To reach me, please call 858-951-1517 or send me an email.