When all you need is a little help,

I will be there for you.

Experienced And Understanding Legal Representation

When you need a lawyer to guide you through a complicated legal matter, it is important to find one who combines skill, experience and a personal touch. At Consumer Guardian Law, I’m attorney John Barrett, but my clients call me Jack. I work to provide that combination for all my clients.

I Like Helping People!

In my long and varied career, I have discovered one main theme: I love helping people and my law practice is focused on helping clients throughout San Diego resolve their legal matters, from family law and divorce to bankruptcy or estate planning.

When I finished college, I would in the Public Health field, but after a decade, decided I wanted to go to Law School. I began my legal career looking to work in Patent Law, but realized something was missing. What I was missing was human contact.

I helped in a family law clinic and realized this was my true passion. And that’s why I focus my practice on practical areas of law that can help real people overcome challenges in their lives.

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More Than 15 Years Of Experience

Experience is important. It allows me to recognize the type of legal assistance you really need and resolve the issues in a cost-effective manner. But experienced representation is just one part of my law practice.

At the core of my service is compassion and empathy. To me, you are more than just a case file. Protecting your personal life, family or business entity becomes my top priority.

An Advocate With A Range Of Skills

I know legal problems often encompass more than one area of law. A divorce may require changes to an estate plan or lead to financial issues, including bankruptcy. I represent client’s with issues that span a range of practice areas, including:

  • Divorce
  • Asset division
  • Child support and custody
  • Bankruptcy
  • Estate planning and probate
  • Business law
  • Civil litigation

Because these areas frequently overlap, I understand how one legal issue can affect another. No matter the sort of challenge you face, you can rely on me to explain your options, assist you with every step of the process and advocate for you in alternative dispute resolution or at trial.

Contact Me Today

You can contact me at the office of Consumer Guardian Law in San Diego to ask questions, discuss your options and learn how to achieve your goals. Schedule an initial consultation with me by calling 858-951-1517 or by using my online contact form.