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Family Law

Supporting you and your family through divorce, custody and support matters, property division, modification and more.

Other Practice Areas

Guiding you through a range of legal matters in estate planning, consumer law, civil litigation, business law and more.

Face-To-Face Talks. Personalized Attention. Real Compassion.

When I began my legal career more than 15 years ago, I quickly realized one thing: I truly enjoy helping people and putting the human element back into legal counsel.

Whether I’m providing clarity on a complex legal matter, answering questions, drafting important legal documents, providing zealous advocacy in the courtroom or supporting my clients at every step of the legal process, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing I have helped someone protect their best interests and resolve legal matters quickly and efficiently.

I will work for you. I won’t be happy with an outcome until you are.

Get To Know Jack Barrett

Although my career has taken many turns, the experiences I’ve had drew me to one conclusion: I love talking to people, I love hearing their stories and I love helping people. Learn more about my background and the unique way I will approach helping you.

Strong Advocacy When And Where You Need It Most

I know your privacy and time are incredibly valuable, which is why if possible, I will work to keep matters out of court so we can resolve matters quickly, effectively and amicably.

I understand this may not be possible in every situation so you can expect that the same level of attention to detail and determination that I apply to negotiations and settlements will also be applied to advocating for you in the courtroom.